Workforce matching platform built on 8vance AI technology presented to Minister

On 23 January, the initiators of the Workforce Matching Platform presented their project to Rob Jetten, Minister for Climate and Energy. The platform uses AI matching technology to match candidates with technical employers based on skills and competences. The technology objectively suggests the best fit for each vacancy. It also allows for flexible working on projects and jobs. The initiative is in line with the plans of cooperating technical industry sectors to recruit more technicians.

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The Netherlands is in need of tens of thousands of extra skilled workers to meet its social and climate-related targets. Those skilled workers can be found, but mostly in other sectors and professions than those desired. The new Workforce matching platform is an Alliander initiative and aims to make professional skills and competences visible on a large scale for the entire construction and engineering sector. They will then be matched more efficiently with employers’ needs for professional knowledge, skilled work and projects. This new technology also simplifies (lateral) entry. 8vance, through its subsidiary JobLiebe, is the technology partner of this platform. The Minister responded enthusiastically and initiated a follow-up meeting.

An ecosystem for talent in Rivierenland

The Workforce Matching Platform has significantly accelerated and simplified the existing employment market ecosystem in the Rivierenland pilot region by better matching lateral entrants to jobs. Employers, social partners and educational providers work together in the Workforce Matching Platform, which uses JobLiebe technology. Through JobLiebe, 8vance provides the AI matching technology behind this platform. JobLiebe was co-founded by 8vance to better enable project and job-based payrolling. The Workforce Matching Platform provides personalised insight into skills and competences for each candidate, suggests matches with technical employers and works both nationally and regionally. Based on the technology, it also proposes personalised vocational training and refresher courses to close the gap between current and required skills.

Model for the ‘Attack Plan Employment Market Shortage’

Five technical sectors and five ministries are now working together to fill a shortfall of 60,000 technicians. Their national Attack Plan Employment Market Shortage Engineering, Construction and Energy is to ensure that more (lateral) entrants will get moving, who will be guided and trained to work in these sectors based on their skills. Minister Jetten: “The cabinet considers this a priority. In the short term, we will come up with a Green and Digital Jobs Action Plan. This regional initiative in Rivierenland deserves national follow-up.”
The Workforce Matching Platform also facilitates flexible employment relationships by offering regional projects and jobs in engineering, construction, infrastructure and industry, which candidates can opt for. When registering, the Workforce Matching Platform automatically checks whether the candidate meets all hard requirements and safety certificates. The Workforce Matching Platform is fully equipped to support employment ecosystems, which may include employers, trainers, UWV (the national job agency) and municipalities. All participating parties can co-operate in it and exchange data nationally and regionally safely and in compliance with GDPR.

No loss of workforce capacity

The platform facilitates shared regional recruitment based on competences and skills. The aim is to look in the area where someone fits best, not whether someone fits. This is very different from current practice. Currently, the search is often for the perfect candidate, recruited nationally and organisationally. As a result, many professionals fall outside the set framework and are not likely to transfer. With shared recruitment based on the best match on competences and skills, no capacity will be lost in the future.
Currently, candidates can choose from more than 100 technical professions. Many candidates can no longer spot the forest for the trees. The Workforce Matching Platform helps these candidates with a Choice Compass. Via five clear yes/no questions, candidates gain more insight into their work preferences. The Choice Compass then advises which professions fit best.

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