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    Job and labour markets are rapidly changing. Traditional skills are declining in demand, and new sought-after competencies are gaining importance. Finding the right match at the right time is crucial for individuals and organisations. Skills-based matching and talent-centric processes lead to more engagement and productivity and are imperative for long-term career development.

    By combining a wealth of in-depth industry knowledge and access to real-time labour market information through public and private data sources, we have built the most advanced talent suite for organisations and individuals. Focusing on skills and competencies, we attract, develop, deploy, and engage people to ensure a perfect match between individual and organisational needs. Every time, regardless of project size.

    We help employees grow passion for their work, and organisations to take the friction out of talent management by focusing on the following three promises:

    1) We equip organisations with autonomous deep-matching AI and integrated, smart workflows to streamline workforce management.
    2) We enable talents with a skills-centric solution to provide a transparent and frictionless career development experience.
    3) We empower the labour market with unlimited knowledge and resources to build intelligent ecosystems and closed networks within an open market.

    We empower individuals and organisations by simplifying the process of matching people with the right opportunities. We leverage the power of our deep-matching AI, unlimited access to job resources and smart integrated workflows to provide a transparent and frictionless experience for career, and workforce management. Focusing on skills and competencies, we attract, develop, deploy, and engage talents to ensure a perfect match between individual and organisational needs, regardless of project size. By matching people to work they love, we aim to improve productivity and contribute to solving society’s most pressing challenges.

    We are shaping the future of workforce and talent mobility for internal and external talent potential through our 4 flagship products: 8vance TALENT: Your personal labour market suite 8vance HIRE: Intelligent skill-based matching for recruitment 8vance INSIDE: Internal marketplace to manage workforce potential 8vance BEYOND: AI-powered talent infrastructure for your ecosystem

    8vance brings us to lightning speed in our matching decisions, accurately predicts career steps, and identifies skills & ambitions.

    8vance covers all our vacancies in our database and cross-matches these with all 250,000 potential workers. Thanks to the built-in ATS and AFAS integration, recruitment-to-payment is now fully automated.

    Clients find, deploy and pay out candidates without our needed intervention, allowing us to advise both the candidate, as well as the client side.

    Erik Ester
    Erik Ester

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