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    The intelligent connection between people, work and education

    How do you find the ideal candidate for every job and project, and how do we ensure that everyone has a fulfilling job? Finding the right match is the key success factor when navigating tight job markets. Skills-based matching and talent-focused approaches promote engagement and productivity. They are essential for the development and success of both employees and organisations.

    We optimise talent management using our autonomous deep matching AI and intelligent workflows. We find the best matching employee for each vacancy. Additionally, our talent mobility platform shapes the foundation for closed and open job markets (ecosystems) within and between organisations and regions. We provide infrastructure for talent, offering a personalised skills-based, transparent, and smooth career path.

    Our mission is to make work accessible, enjoyable, and fulfilling for everyone. In doing so, we aim to reduce dropout and to make organisations more productive. By boosting workforce productivity through smart matching, we contribute to solving urgent job market issues. Finding suitable jobs for everyone – where you can grow and work effectively. That's what we believe in.

    8vance swiftly predicts the best matches and career opportunities, helping us to identify skills and ambitions.

    8vance covers all our vacancies in our database and cross-matches these with all 250,000 potential workers. Thanks to the built-in ATS and AFAS integration, recruitment-to-payment is now fully automated.

    Erik Ester
    Erik Ester

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