UWV and 8vance team up to better connect jobseekers and employers

In a tight labour market which is constantly changing, it is important for UWV to quickly anticipate new developments. The traditional matching of supply and demand based on education and work experience no longer suffices. UWV is partnering with work-tech company 8vance to improve its services to jobseekers and employers. By switching to 8vance’s intelligent matching technology, UWV will be able to guide more people to the right job.

Decision to choose 8vance after extensive tender process

Prior to awarding the contract to 8vance, UWV went through a two-year tender process with an extensive Requirements Programme for a standard solution to broker labour supply and demand. The tender did not produce a suitable candidate, giving UWV the opportunity to start negotiations with a few participants, including 8vance.

8vance’s solution has been extensively tested and compared by UWV employees. And external advice was sought from Gartner Group, among others. UWV ultimately chose 8vance because it is the only party currently offering a standard software package that meets UWV’s requirements and demands. 8vance’s intelligent matching technology analyses 80 million profiles and 25 million vacancies in real time to suggest relevant matches for everyone.

More opportunities for jobseekers, employers and employees

The new package’s functionalities will soon allow all residents of the Netherlands to find suitable work based on predicted skills, competences and ambitions. Suitable vacancies are suggested, and insight is provided into what training or education is needed to be able to fill a desired profession (possibly in another sector). Jobseekers are given control over their own data and can indicate which data they want to share with whom.

Employers will gain more insight into potential candidates and have the opportunity to better profile themselves and their vacancies on the Dutch labour market. For UWV professionals, it provides all the tools to optimally facilitate both jobseekers and employers in need of support. With this choice, UWV makes the labour market more transparent for all parties and can respond to the changes needed to improve the matching of supply and demand.

For questions, please contact UWV.

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