Privacy statement 8vance

8vance helps to match business data to bring supply and demand of work closer together.

For offering our services and executing our agreements, 8vance processes personal data in a number of ways. In this privacy statement, we explain which personal data 8vance processes. In addition, you will find information on how and why we do so. You can also read who you can contact if you have any questions and what rights you have with regard to personal data that 8vance processes.

What does 8vance?

8vance has developed a search engine that can match talent to a specific search requirement from a user, e.g. a company or organisation. 8vance’s search engine uses AI-based high-precision matching technology when performing a search. This allows public business profiles of, for example, job seekers, self-employed people and consultants to be found with a desired set of knowledge and skills. Without the of 8vance engine, these profiles cannot be found, or not as well. Unlike some other search models, the matching technology focuses on skills and competences. This focus makes the matches more objective and avoids any bias in search results.

How our matching technology works

The matching works technically as follows. A list of characteristics is compiled by using algorithms. This is used to describe a candidate in a standardised manner within 8vance’s platform. This ‘digital twin’ is then used for matching with profiles desired by a company or organisation.

As input for the matching data, 8vance uses information provided by candidates themselves and also profiles publicly visible on the internet. Public profiles are collected and indexed so that they can be found using 8vance. If someone has a public profile to find work or assignments for example, the profile may contain personal data including name, current and previous job details, experience and education. The public data we process does not include contact details but does include a link to the original source profile. 8vance users interested in the candidate in question can get contact in contact with the candidate via the original public source. If a candidate has registered with 8vance, users can make direct contact within our platform, provided this is permitted by the user. 8vance provides a matching tool, but the actual selection and contacting of a candidate is done by the 8vance user themselves.

The AI-based matching technology was necessarily trained during its development. Publicly published profiles from a number of business platforms were used for this training. From these, identifying data were removed, including first and last name, photo, company names and references to other profiles. As a result, it is no longer possible for us to find a specific profile in the training data, for example. It is now only sets of work experience, skills and education. These are the minimum data needed to train matching technology for useful purposes.


If you create an account to use 8vance, we ask for a minimum amount of personal data, including first and last name, e-mail address and password.

Optionally, candidates can enter further contact details and provide further information about their current position, experience, skills, training, availability, desired future position and so on.

Objectives and legal basis

8vance’s main goal is to match job demand and supply as accurate and fairly as possible. To enable applicant and provider to actually find each other and make contact, it is necessary to process certain personal data. To develop the technology that enables this, 8vance has to use training data.

8vance bases the processing of personal data on the following legal basis. The matching between demand and supply of work is done in order to provide our services to candidates and organisations, or to execute our agreements. If necessary, we ask permission for the use of data. Consent can always be withdrawn, although previous data processing based on that consent remains valid in itself. For the collection and use of training data and public matching data, 8vance relies on its legitimate interests. Proper functioning of the 8vance matching technology is necessary for its usable and economic exploitation. In doing so, we also serve for a social interest. Use of the 8vance platform can contribute to a better flow in the labour market and reduce discrimination, as name, origin, age and gender are not taken into account in matching. In addition, there may be legal (administrative) obligations under which we process personal data.

At all times, no more personal data will be processed than is strictly necessary for the purposes we intend to achieve.

Retention periods

8vance retains data, including personal data, for as long as necessary for its services to function properly. Retention periods depend on the purpose for which we have received or collected the data and on legal obligations. Publicly published matching data is refreshed every six months. Public profiles that are then no longer available are completely removed from 8vance.

Users of 8vance have and retain full control over their own personal data and can deactivate matching, adjust visibility and other privacy settings or delete their account at any time. Profiles that have not been logged in for one year will be deleted. Trial accounts of companies or organisations will be deleted three months after the end of the trial.

Third parties and international transfer of personal data

8vance works with IT service providers and other third parties to make 8vance’s services (technically) possible. If these parties process personal data on behalf of 8vance, 8vance will enter into processing agreements with them, through which they are also obliged to comply with privacy regulations.

8vance stores data on servers located in the European Economic Area, or possibly in countries for which the European Commission has taken a so-called adequacy decision. In short, this means that the European Commission has determined that data protection in those countries is at a comparable level to ours. Should 8vance at any time transfer personal data to a country outside the EEA, we will take appropriate measures to protect your privacy so that it is at a comparable level as within the EEA. You retain all your rights as they apply under the GDPR.



8vance has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure that personal data is properly secured. For example, 8vance is ISO 27001 certified. The ‘privacy by design’ principle is applied throughout the organisation, of which access security, separation of environments and encryption are part. Penetration tests are carried out regularly to test security. We also apply data minimisation, which means that we will always critically assess whether the personal data we process are really necessary to achieve our goals.


Questions and rights

Should you have further questions about how 8vance handles your personal data or should you wish to inspect it or request its correction, addition, deletion or transfer, or should you wish to object to the processing of your personal data, please contact 8vance using the details below.

8vance will process your question or request and get back to you as soon as possible and in any event within the applicable time limits. 8vance may need additional information to process your request. For example, in the case of a request for inspection or deletion, 8vance will want to be sure that you are the person about whom the personal data are held and will need to verify whether the request is justified.

Users who have created a profile with 8vance can view, edit, change the privacy settings and, if they wish, delete their personal data or account.

There is also the legal right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.


Data Controller

This privacy statement applies to processing of personal data by:

8vance Matching Technologies B.V.

Kazernestraat 15a

5928 NL Venlo


Telephone: +31(0)77 8080 140



(Contact) details of our data protection officer:

Jasmin Lieffering

Verdener Landstrasse 4

31623 Drakenburg, Germany



Version 26 February 2024