1.7 Million for Research on More Accessible Labor Market with AI

8vance is contributing to a €1.7M NWO grant which is recently awarded to the University of Twente to pioneer AI research for an inclusive labor market. 

AI offers fantastic opportunities to allow more people to participate fairly in the labor market. If carefully implemented, AI can accurately and objectively predict who is best suited for which job. The University of Twente is researching the possibilities and conditions for this. They received a NWO subsidy of €1.7 million for the project “Don’t forget the forgotten! Towards a platform-based approach for sustainable employment of workers with a disability”.

The subsidy was applied for by a consortium led by Dr. Jeroen Meijerink, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Twente. The interdisciplinary project, in which 8vance is also participating, focuses on developing inclusive online platform cooperatives and matching algorithms to promote sustainable employment for people with disabilities.

Jeroen Meijerink says: “We aim to develop inclusive online labor platforms and matching algorithms to foster the sustainable employment of people with a disability. We see many possibilities to advance new matching techniques and inclusive HRM instruments that foster the labor market inclusion of people with a disability and assist them in creating an appropriate work environment so that they are also sustainably employable. At the same time, much is still unknown. What requirements must the algorithms and platforms meet and what does effective onboarding look like? Can we learn from practice and adjust the algorithms accordingly?”

The research combines social and technical sciences and involves a wide range of partners, including businesses, governments, and academics. 8vance previously developed a special module to match people distanced from the labor market, taking their vulnerabilities into account. The AI matching technology of 8vance, including this module, will be further investigated. Customers of 8vance such as UWV, the Labor Match Platform, and the Region Twente are also participating in the research.

This innovative initiative aims to overcome labor market challenges and strengthen the sustainable employability of vulnerable workers.

Want to learn more about this research?

The University of Twente and 8vance invite you to an exclusive webinar where we will share more about this research.

Date and Time: February 5, 10:00 to 11:00

In this webinar, we will share, among other things:

  • How this research promotes the sustainable employability of people distanced from the labor market.
  • Innovative methods for matching employees based on skills and personal preferences.
  • The crucial role of algorithms, artificial intelligence, and online platforms in modernizing HRM.

Along with Dr. Jeroen Meijerink and Dr. Maarten Renkema from the University of Twente, Aggie van Huisseling, Economist at the Economic Bureau of ABN Amro, is also invited. With her, we will discuss the current state of the Dutch labor market, specifically around recruitment based on skills. This is an opportunity to understand how we collectively strive for a more inclusive and innovative labor market.

Registration: https://www.werf-en.nl/events/webinar-week

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