Year-end meeting 8vance in Romania big success

Last weekend, 8vance teams from the Netherlands, Germany and Romania met in Cluj-Napoca. A great end-of-year meeting to celebrate, get to know each other and make plans. The ideal opportunity to put employees in the spotlights.

CEO Han Stoffels kicked off the meeting on Friday afternoon and looked back on last year’s successes, which saw 8vance stand out as the undisputed market leader in skills-based matching. New major clients, the brand-new investment from ECFG, the addition of new team members and various technological highlights alternated.

Jeroen Boonen – responsible for research & development within 8vance – presented the plans for new algorithms to provide users with ever better matching tasks and candidates in every situation. Technical lead Bogdan shared how our developers are integrating various systems and preparing the platform for intensive use.

New Marketing Director and Chief Evangelist Laurens Waling emphasized 8vance’s role as an inspirer. He guided the team through plans to create a community of HR innovators and promote daily use of the app to optimally manage daily work tasks.

Product manager Vivian Welten presented the upcoming improvements to the user experience. The changes will ensure that users have seamless access to a harmonious match between work and workers, appropriate training and appropriate resources for each job. In addition, the platform will soon provide information about a possible next career step and the value of skills.

Finally, Gert Diender from 8vance subsidiary Jobliebe announced that from January it will be possible for everyone in the Netherlands to get paid for completing projects via the platform. Something that teams from other countries would also like to introduce, but where the legal options vary greatly from country to country. With job love, 8vance takes a big step forward in its mission to provide a logical combination of flexibility and job security for everyone.

In addition to the successful review of 2022, which is appreciated by more and more customers, and the enthusiasm for new plans, there was plenty of opportunity for relaxed encounters between team members from different countries. During a city tour and a visit to the beautiful surroundings (including the salt mine), our foreign employees had the opportunity to discover what a beautiful city Cluj-Napoca is, with a rich history and a lot of potential. Not a bad place for a deep tech scale-up company like 8vance to set up shop.

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