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Talent Next.

Talent Management 

& Outplacement

With Talent Next, talents are invited to rediscover skills and gain inspiration for the next step in their career with the help of coaching and data-driven insights.

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Guide talents towards the next step in their careers

A personal approach 
in your career tools

Get to work with talents personally. Thanks to intelligent matching, you will make your approach even more specific and Talent Next will reveal a personal labour market for each participant.

All talents at a glance 
in 1 environment

Would you like to know where talents stand in the exploration or application process? With Talent Next you keep track of the activity of talents and you can easily guide them in their personal search for work.

Wider orientation on
industry boundaries

Intelligent matching of 8vance is beyond other search functions. With the analysis and matching on skills and competencies, opportunities in other functions and other sectors become visible.

Individual Labour Market

At any time you will receive an autonomous real-time overview of all the best matching vacancies from your region using the high quality 8vance matching technology.

Favourite features of our clients in talent management

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Cross-sector matching

Matching based on skills and competencies not only produces better results, but also reveals new and surprising opportunities in other areas of work.

Branded talent career app

Offers talents their personal app environment where they can easily search the whole market. They can then see at any moment which jobs, projects and training courses are being proposed for them autonomously based on their personal profile.

Personality assessments

Various personality assessments for talents provide insights for personal development and coaching.

Soft skill matching

A soft skill profile ensures a better and more long-term match. With a match on soft skills you will discover whether a position matches the personality and motives.

Overview of the entire Dutch job market

At any time you will receive an autonomous real-time overview of all the best matching vacancies from all over the Netherlands with the high performance of 8vance matching technology. We refer to this as the personal labour market.


Talent benefits from the latest insights

Talent Next is for career coaches and outplacement agencies who want to give their talents personal and data-driven guidance. This service also perfectly suits large companies that want to work with their employees in-house.

Professional tooling
Data-driven insights into labour market opportunities
Talent increases self-knowledge with short assessments
Basic profile in less than 5 minutes


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Discover new directions
with yourself as a compass

Unless you know which professions are best for you, you can learn to listen to your feelings. Through various assessments, we provide talents with insights into what energizes them and what is important to them in their work. This insight is highly instructive and may subsequently be decisive in finding suitable organisations and positions.


Discover your preferred role. When you can communicate the nature of your preferred roles, it will correspond to what you really want.

Work values

Discover how your behaviour in your work can give you insights into those work values that are relevant to you and in how to translate them into a personality profile.


De complete talent mobility solution van 8vance

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Create an internal market place for dynamic personnel planning.

Talent Next.

Outplacement & coaching

Taking the next step in your career is fun when you know you're going to be all right.

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