Talent Mobility Evangelist Laurens Waling joins 8vance

8vance is proud to welcome Laurens Waling as a new member of its management team. The fast-growing AI scale-up is the only one in the Netherlands to offer a skills-based matching platform, but the potential of its technology is still relatively unknown. As Marketing Director and Chief Evangelist of 8vance, Laurens will now be changing that. Laurens founded Part-up in 2014, as a solution to share work within large organisations. He sold the company last year and is now joining the market leader. In the coming period, Laurens will make appearances at Emerce Recruitment Day, RecBuzz Conference (Berlin), Strategietage HR (Cologne), Digitaal Werven and Recruitment Tech Demo Day.


The move occurs at a time when 8vance is experiencing a growth spurt. Thanks to the tightening labour market and rising turnover and absenteeism rates, more and more organisations are forced to look more creatively at ways to deploy their workforce smarter. Companies in all sectors are opting for internal marketplaces to better utilise the hidden capacity among their employees and redistribute work. With the increasing amount of work to be resourced and the growing number of people wanting to work flexibly, it is becoming increasingly important to use IT to make the right match. 8vance’s software instantly suggests the right people for each job and the immediately appropriate work for every profile. Individuals, recruiters, small and large companies as well as ecosystems gain new perspectives on work and job seekers through AI matching.

For Laurens Waling, the move to 8vance is a logical one: “Our labour market is broken. We are not getting vacancies filled, while half of the people report being unhappy in their jobs. There is a huge untapped potential of people distanced from the labour market, students, pensioners, people with residence permits and so on. Through organising work differently, we can tap into greater capacity and also make it more meaningful, fun and educational for everyone. Platforms like 8vance make work accessible to all. They lower the transaction costs of organising. It is exactly what organisations need for the transformations to sustainable entities. And what restores our labour market. However, awareness and trust in AI for work matching are still low. While I am blown-away by the possibilities. It is my mission to provide these opportunities with the greatest possible exposure.”
8vance will have a broader focus with Laurens’ move. CEO Han Stoffels: “Instead of focusing mainly on vacancies, we will now also look at tasks and projects on the platform. Matching smaller jobs works similarly to matching vacancies. The algorithms have been trained on more than 80 million profiles and 25 million vacancies in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. The correlations between the skills in the vacancies are also capable of predicting matching skills for each job. By also doing this for each profile, individuals and jobs can be matched even if they use different words or come from different parts, organisations or sectors. We are creating one stable flexible job market.”

Want to know more about 8vance? Request a demo, or visit one of our events. Next time, Laurens will at any rate speak at Emerce Recruitment Day (Amsterdam), RecBuzz Conference (Berlin), Strategietage HR (Cologne), Digitaal Werven (Utrecht) and Recruitment Tech Demo Day.

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