Recruiters who share their candidates are more successful

8vance is market leader in skills-based matching software for organisations and recruitment agencies. Through statistical analysis of 80 million profiles and 25 million vacancies, they can attribute appropriate skills to each candidate. Likewise, for each vacancy the skills are ‘calculated’. Consequently, the software sees infinitely more matches than the human brain and offers recruiters unprecedented opportunities to find the best match between vacancies and candidates. How are current users taking advantage of these capabilities? We asked three customers: Cesar, Lloyd and Sander.

All vacancies directly in your ATS

The CEO of Orange Career runs all his candidates and vacancies in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Cesar says: “It is very handy to be able to find and add people directly from a vacancy. The reports from the homepage ensure that I immediately know which customer relations I need to engage with. The extra turnover is partly due to the fact that my vacancies are visible on several sites via 8vance. But also due to the fact that I save a lot of time thanks to autonomous matching. That is, while I am doing other things, the software in the background continuously checks for all my candidates and vacancies whether any suitable matches are added. The time I save by doing this, I can spend on my candidates and clients. More time for people! This in turn results in higher turnover or quality. It all depends on what I want to focus on.

8vance increases turnover with 20%

Cesar is excited about the possibilities of building an ecosystem with 8vance: “The more companies share their candidates and job postings, the greater everyone’s chances of successful matches and satisfied customers. I am talking to many interested recruiters who would like to participate and share their silver medal candidates (the numbers 2 and below in each application process).”


Seamless integrations

Lloyd Schellevis is the founder of Buro Felix. They too are more successful thanks to 8vance as their ATS. Lloyd spent a year comparing different systems and ended up with 8vance’s state-of-the-art technology. Which they seamlessly integrated into their website. Lloyd says: “The software helps publish client vacancies quickly. This leads to organic applicants. And we direct people, whom we ourselves find in our network, to the vacancies. The big advantage of 8vance is that they offer an ecosystem solution. If, as a smaller company, you choose to throw open your network and system, you can share more and yield more. 8vance facilitates this sharing in a secure way. You choose whether someone can contact your candidate. I show other employment agencies, but also SMEs, the benefits of sharing their candidates and vacancies. In every application process, candidates will drop out. Sharing these candidates allows you to achieve more together.”

Lloyd is amazed at how many companies still organise recruitment in an outdated way: “A spreadsheet with candidates will really no longer do. How do you secure and share all your knowledge, for instance in case of a drop-out? How do you deal with data security and privacy. Stop shooting CVs back and forth and use a decent ATS, such as 8vance. We guide organisations to get their recruitment processes in order. 8vance’s matching capabilities prove indispensable for this.”

Sport-specific recruitment

Sander is enthusiastic about 8vance’s software. He developed a job board with vacancies in the sports world. Sander manages his platform from Spain and says over the phone: “You see that since Corona recruitment has really changed. You have to actively chase candidates. I use 8vance’s software to manage vacancies and track candidates. Employers can post vacancies themselves. That saves me time. Candidates can also register and, if they so wish, receive a job alert when employers post a vacancy online that matches their criteria. This makes my database stronger, because I know what types of vacancies and in what fields people are aspiring to jobs.
I also want to start using the software to network with recruiters in order to exchange candidates and vacancies. In these times, it is very important to act quickly and distinguish yourself as a selection agency. 8vance offers great opportunities to do this.”

More and more employment intermediaries and HR professionals are using 8vance’s software. To help everyone make the most of the software’s capabilities, 8vance will host a webinar for clients and interested parties on 19 January next at 4pm. Join Cesar, Lloyd and Sander for this webinar and explore the possibilities of building an ecosystem of candidates and jobs together. Share what you can spare. After all, together you will achieve more!(Mittelstandsunternehmen), die Vorteile des Teilens ihrer Kandidaten und freien Stellen. In jedem Bewerbungsverfahren gibt es Kandidaten, die ausscheiden. Wenn man diese Kandidaten teilt, erreicht man gemeinsam mehr.“

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