One single ecosystem for Twente talent

In Twente, companies are working together with knowledge institutions and public authorities to create one single ecosystem for talent. Better matches will lead to more available talent, more employment and fewer vacancies. 8vance’s matching software helps them put all the talent in the region where it needs to be. Coordinator Ibrahim Yildirim explains more about their ambitions.

Coordinator Ibrahim Yildirim

Businessportal for Twente

“We developed a business portal on, where anyone who lives, works, studies or wants to move to Twente can instantly find suitable vacancies and companies. We think it is important to look beyond the vacancy texts. After all, you do not only choose the job, but also the colleagues, the manager and the culture of the company. On, anyone can upload his or her CV and find vacancies that match their skills. We will enrich this with personalised information about company culture.
We mainly target younger generations. The aim with this is to show them the opportunities this region has to offer. By offering them more, they stay here and we increase employment. Two important factors for our ambition: Gross Twente Happiness.
It also works the other way round. Talent is scarce now. And companies are looking really hard. And we know this will only get worse in the coming years. We want to make it easier to find the right employee for every job. Through 8vance, we automatically get all vacancies and profiles in the region into our platform. Currently, we are offering 1,600 vacancies.
We will also encourage companies to make talent available themselves. For example, the recently rejected second candidate for a vacancy, or an employee who wants to broaden their development and wants to spend a few hours in another organisation on a temporary, part-time or one-off basis. In this way, we are creating an ecosystem of talent in Twente. You will soon be able to find and exchange capacity with other organisations for any job, project or vacancy. You will find and be found by both jobseekers and employees at your own and other companies. This will give all organisations access to a huge Twente pool of capacity. The various organisations thus increase their clout and individuals can gain experience in different organisations. The flywheel we thereby set in motion has an effect on the welfare of everyone in the region.

AI-based skills-matching

To technically fulfil our ambition, we use several solutions, including 8vance’s AI-based skills matching model. We want the best match for everyone. 8vance suggests matching skills for both jobs and jobseekers. The software suggests the most suitable vacancies from thousands of regional vacancies, and the best matching profiles for each one. Within, between and across organisational boundaries. We are currently running a pilot. At the end of this year, we will go live for everyone.

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