8vance launches new growth phase with investment from Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II

Eindhoven – Venlo, 28 September 2022 – 8vance Matching Technologies is entering a new growth phase with an investment from ECFG through the Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II. The company is a labour market innovator with smart ‘AI’ and ‘digital twin technology’. With the capital injection, 8vance aims to make the benefits and convenience of this technological breakthrough available to all and create full transparency for workers, companies, jobseekers and intermediaries when it comes to job offers and people’s qualities.

About 8vance Matching Technologies

8vance Matching Technologies (‘8vance’) is the Dutch-German AI-WORKTECH company behind, among others, Jobliebe.com. The AI technology creates virtual representations (‘twins’) of everything in the job market from a large number of data sources: candidates, companies, vacancies and jobs. This digital twin technology, based on skills, competences and personality, among others, looks at how far people fit assignments, vacancies or even job houses. The technology is already widely used by recruiters, HR professionals and coaches. In addition, the tool is also experiencing growth in use for reflection and development for individual talents.
With this technology, 8vance can organise hyper-automated and hyper-personalised talent mobility and development on a large scale. The company does this both within organisations and in the open labour market.

More transparent labour market through investment

8vance aims to make the labour market transparent, enabling organisations to better engage and retain people and offer development opportunities. With a much sharper understanding of everyone’s skills and capabilities and the demands of the work, many more options for career and/or transfer paths and for jobcarving/jobcrafting come into the picture, on a large scale. The labour market as a whole becomes more efficient and inclusive and all parties can make much better choices and decisions.
8vance matching technologies pster
With this investment, we can finance the next phase of growth and organisational development and realise the skills-based employment and talent market” says Han Stoffels, CEO of 8vance. “Many companies have a traditional and often inefficient approach for recruitment and internal mobility. With digital twin technology, it becomes much easier to put the right person in the right place at the right time.”

About collaboration

8vance has worked especially hard on technology and product development in recent years. The technology is now doing what was intended and is ripe for scaling up. The goal in this new growth phase is to use the digital twin technology to become the market leader as the logical companion to the emerging skills-based modern labour market.
Hans Bloemen, managing director and partner at ECFG: “8vance has a unique approach to the labour market and an ambitious goal. With this investment and partnership, 8vance is truly able to develop the market in Europe and roll out its new innovative and efficient concepts for recruitment, talent development and career planning”.
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