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8vance introduces a "smart" AI-driven recruitment workflow to all mediators and companies

Venlo, Hengelo, The Netherlands. 24 November 2020

8vance Matching Technologies, the Dutch-German AI software company behind and others, acquires the Hengelo company Gini-Recruit. As a result of this takeover, Gini CEO Bob van den Berg joins the management team of 8vance. Gini-Recruit is a leading provider of user-friendly software for recruitment marketing, application tracking and talent coaching. 8vance has developed a smart AI match technology which, on the basis of skills, competencies, experience and personality, autonomously (i.e. completely independently) assesses the extent to which people will fit in with vacancies, projects or, for example, job matrices.

End-to-end solution

With this acquisition 8vance creates a ready-made end-to-end solution for recruitment and career guidance. The advantages of both solutions are combined and 8vance is committed to relieve labour mediators, coaches and HR professionals as much as possible of any unnecessary workload.

This approach leads to large turnaround time savings, efficiency improvements and deeper analytics in all areas of talent mobility. It also allows for easy and safe creation of (shared) talent pools and recruitment eco-systems. The integrated solution will become available from 15 December at a number of selected clients, including integrations with various back office systems and CV databases. The current products of 8vance and Gini will also remain available as separate products.

Han Stoffels, CEO of 8vance: "The addition of Gini will significantly broaden our market reach. Customers can now turn to us for both integration of our AI matching and a complete end-to-end solution. In this way we make autonomous matching available to everyone".

Autonomous Matching Technology changes mobility

Autonomous match technology is mainly used in: recruitment, talent pooling, job carving, internal work and talent market places, career guidance and outplacement. In addition, the technology is also available for individual career management. Consequently, everyone can immediately identify on what personal opportunities are on offer for them on the market based on their own skills and competences.

Bob van den Berg, CEO of Gini-Recruit: "We already saw international players pre-sorting on autonomous match technologies to become faster, more agile and more cost-effective, which is why the combination with 8vance creates a lot of synergy. 1 plus 1 makes 3!

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About 8vance Matching Technologies

8vance is a high-tech scale-up that has developed its own autonomous AI matching technology for talents, recruiters and HR professionals. The matching algorithms have been trained with a dataset of more than 70 million profiles. By means of AI, (Big) Data and virtual assistants, users are supported in career and HR decision-making processes.

The technology provides data-driven advice on personal development and presents a transparent and personal overview of the labour market. This technology can be used to promote talent attraction, talent management, strategic workforce planning and outplacement.

About Gini-Recruit

Gini-Recruit is a leading provider of user-friendly software for recruitment marketing, application tracking and talent coaching. The product portfolio includes "Gini HR" for companies performing their own recruitment, "Gini Recruitment" for agencies that place high demands on the recruitment process and "Gini Career Guidance", a versatile tool to support the guidance and coaching and outplacement processes in practice.

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