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This service is for job agents, such as recruiters and hiring agents, and for organisations that want to improve their recruitment process. Get the most out of data so that you can make faster and more informed choices.

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The new standard in recruiting

with AI

Autonomous technology that proposes matches on its own

Technology that gives you time back. Technology that independently finds suitable candidates for a vacancy and in the same way finds suitable vacancies from a candidate's angle.

Your own data, closed networks and the open market

Find the best match in the public platform, professional databases, in collaborations, or in your own database. You set your own range.

A close relationship with your candidates

Talents manage their own profile. So everybody is always connected and up to date.

From marketing campaign to remuneration

With an integrated marketing cloud, autonomous matching, application tracking, everything is seamlessly integrated and super efficient. Can also be integrated into your existing ATS.

Successful placements
with the right match

With Talent New we merge our autonomous matching technology with applicant tracking. You can match your entire talent pool directly against all vacancies in the market, or find the perfect candidates for your vacancies in the open platform. Minimise search time, while improving the quality of your match.

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Start right away

Time savings of up to 40% at high quality
Discover new business models in recruitment
Match anonymously with databases of other organisations
Be ready for recruitment of the future

Favourite features of our clients in recruitment

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The AI ranks the best candidates from multiple sources in a single overview

Match with multiple sources simultaneously for talents and vacancies. Easily choose which networks you want to match with. Simply select your sources at the touch of a button. Curious about which sources you can combine?

Multilingual without translation

Are you looking for international candidates? Our technology can understand the content of vacancies and profiles, and can match this autonomously with vacancies and profiles in any other language!

Anonymous searching and being found

Match your vacancy for the best matching candidates AND your candidate for the best matching vacancies, while your data remain anonymous! Learn more about how your relationships can generate value.

Skill tracking

Start with the data you have today. Our technology autonomously enriches your vacancies and profiles with specific skills and competences, which will lead to more substantive data and better matching results.

The ideal plan for your organisation

Curious how we can integrate with your HR processes? Our success managers can help you to find the ideal plan for your organisation.


Your own autonomous AI Match Engine for your recruitment process

Autonomous matching environment for your primary recruitment process with List and Radar view, System learning based on your assessments, enrichment of profiles and vacancies with skills and competences and the 'vacancy offer' to enable targeted acquisition or increase staffing.



Your own private data pool for your CV and vacancy data.

Own channel on Jobliebe and 250 dedicated (basic) candidate apps per recruiter-seat.

Vacancy landing page and publishing vacancies on Jobliebe.

Publish (anonymously) candidates on Jobliebe

Additional services:

Integrate external CV sources and vacancy sources


Full end-2 end recruitment 
workflow with marketing cloud, 
Autonomous matching and ATS

The full base package plus:

An integrated ATS environment with extensive candidate management and a portal for candidate assessment.


An integrated CRM with extensive client file and partner communication management.


A Marketing cloud with Social media management, mailing management, Multi channel vacancy posting, XML feed, jobs on your own website and multiple websites. Already optimised for Google for jobs.


500 own (basic) candidate apps per recruiter-seat.

Additional services:


All services of "base" plus


Integrate Payrolling with Numbers, Akyla or AFAS and BI analytics with tableau in your process. Let us migrate your data from your current system for a carefree transition.


Configure your own end-2-end recruitment workflow with your own branding and eco-system set-up

The full "professional" package plus:

APIs for automatic import and classification of vacancies, candidate profiles / CVs.  Automatic enrichment of the imported CVs and Vacancies with skills and competences.Let the data flow in from both sides and work with the matches.



Multi company pool with companies selected by you (from 25 seats).

1000 own candidate apps per recruiter-seat.


Additional services:


All services from "professional" plus


Integrate your own ATS or HR system of your choice.


Embellish the candidate app with your own branding and Logo


Integrate with applicant tracking systems

Up to date recruitment. Combine your recruitment workflow with the convenience and services of autonomous matching. Easily integrate with your familiar systems with our API documentation. It's a connection that will benefit you anyway.





Your ATS



8vance's comprehensive talent mobility solution

Talent New.


Up to date recruiting with which you will increase your turnover in no time and save a huge amount of time and money.

Talent Inside.

Internal mobility

Create an internal market place for dynamic personnel planning.

Talent Next.

Outplacement & coaching

Taking the next step in your career is fun when you know you're going to be all right.

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