Talent Inside.

Internal mobility

Talent Inside has been developed for organisations that want to work on throughput, personal development and strategic workforce planning for right-skilling and right-sizing. Receive autonomously real-time proposals for suitable employees on the jobs, vacancies and projects in the organisation.

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Strategic workforce 
planning with autonomous matching

Autonomously the best qualified candidates on the radar

Autonomous matching will work real-time to find the best qualified candidates internally and externally. Where, on the one hand, there may be many vacancies, there may on the other hand be lots of people who are (temporarily) superfluous.

Boosting internal mobility and more sustainable employability

Foster a culture where employees keep an open mind about new opportunities, changes, and develop opportunities within the organisation and/or within linked organisations.

Gain insight into the skills and competencies of the organisation

At last, an up-to-date insight into the skills and competencies of your workforce and how this is in line with the strategy. As a result, knowledge and skills are made visible, developed and deployed in the right place. Learn to use the entire talent and development capacity of the workforce, in a shrinking labour market where shortages are becoming apparent.


Increase internal mobility and sustainable employability

Strategic workforce planning and the personal development of employees are more important than ever. Intelligent technology is able to support this and brings innovation to these processes. Our service consists of a product for employer and employee.

Employees are aware of the opportunities in the organisation
Huge savings on the recruitment process
Increasing employability with ongoing development
Simple and dynamic team composition
Greater commitment and employee bonding


Favourite internal mobility features of our customers

Directly link vacancies, jobs and projects to suitable people in your organisation.

The right candidate is sometimes close by and might come from an unexpected spot. See in real time which people in your organisation are introduced autonomously to new projects and vacancies.

Career app with a corporate logo for all employees internally and externally

Employees are given their own talent profiles, with which they are able to reinforce their own work force data. They then see at any moment which jobs, projects and training courses within the organisation are being presented to them autonomously on the basis of their personal profiles.

Workforce analytics dashboard

With the 8vance Inside dashboard you will be able to see all the data analyses of your organisation and ecosystem. You will always have the most up-to-date information at your disposal. Decisions in talent management and strategic workforce planning can now be backed up with data.

Skill enrichment

You can easily start with the data currently available to you. With 8vance's technology we can enrich the vacancies and profiles with specific skills and competences using our own artificial intelligence models. In this way, you receive even more substantive data and better matches.

De complete talent mobility solution from 8vance


Offering guidance from INSIDE outward

Are your employees now forced to look outside?

If so, you can offer them the very best assistance. With 8vance you can together make the best of an awkward situation and keep in close touch until better times.

In a changing market such as now, you can easily switch between the advantages of Talent INSIDE and Talent NEXT. You can swap employees with other organisations or provide them with the full current market opportunities for their profile. The app keeps employees up to date with new opportunities with their familiar employer, while they are (temporarily) working in an alternative position.

Talent New.


State of the art recruiting with which you will increase your turnover in no time and save a huge amount of time and money.

Talent Inside.

Internal mobility

Create an internal market place for dynamic personnel planning.

Talent Next.

Outplacement & coaching

Taking the next step in a career is fun when you know you're going to be all right.

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