On this page, you will find the highlights of our recent releases.

Please note that some changes are related to a specific part or specific product. Therefore, it is possible not all release notes have an impact on your 8vance application.


Version 2023.42

1. In the CareerApp, a scroll function has been added to the “favourites” page. Talents can now easily scroll through the jobs that have been applied for or marked as interesting.

2. The functionality of the Timeline in the MatchApp has been approved, so that the recruiter can now scroll through all (historical) notifications on the timeline.

3. From the Timeline in the MatchApp, a recruiter can now make a note in the talent profile of a represented and fully managed talent.

4. The Job Header picture that is saved in a project’s title information, is now being displayed in the published project and it is also possible to request the job with header picture via our API.

5. Furthermore, in this version we have fixed minor bugs and made improvements to the user experience in all areas of our platform.



Version 2023.40

1. A talent can download his or her talent profile in pdf format and then print or share it. It is now possible to select which parts of the talent profile will be included in the pdf document.

My profile - save pdf
Mijn profiel - categorieen kiezen


2. A talent can now save any job from the job market in PDF format.

Job header - print job23


3. If the project description contains a salary, this is now indicated in the project overview and Public Job on the 8vance Platform.

Schermafbeelding salaris in vacature