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8vance is your new AI driven
Talent Mobility Platform

8vance coaches talent and organisations autonomously towards better and more effective career choices and job mobility solutions. We do so using highly accurate matching technology with a focus on skills and competencies, which makes the labour market more transparent and removes friction from career and personnel management.

Insight into invisible talent

8vance makes talent visible with analyses, data enrichment, autonomous suggestions, smart interactions and intelligent coaching tools.

Envision talent potential

Discover hidden talents and be inspired by new opportunities in the job market

Join the movement to Talent Mobility

Provide everyone with inspiration for the next step with personal labour market opportunities

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Discover, inspire, and leverage talent optimally. Let everyone easily use his or her talent and energy in a suitable role, within a suitable organisation, at the right moment.

8vance Talent Mobility Solutions

Recruitment solution



With this recruitment solution by 8vance you will be able to position candidates more quickly with autonomous matching. Boost your perspective and get the most out of your network and linked ecosystems.

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Internal mobility solution



Easily connect internal talent to open projects and vacancies. Offer your employees the opportunity to develop themselves while you take stock of your workforce planning.

Outplacement &

Talent Coaching solution



Provide assistance towards a new job, using assessments and autonomous matching.

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Stories from our community


"As a client of 8vance's matching technology, I feel a great commitment and sincere connection when it comes to achieving goals together. Entrepreneurship and the long-term vision are perceptibly at the heart of all the work carried out in this cooperation. I am grateful to be able to be a part of this joint journey".

Rolf van Haren

CEO - The Upgrade Society


"For NBBU and its members, Jobliebe is the perfect opportunity to make easily accessible use of the advantages of these new matching techniques. By using Jobliebe, members gain even more insight into the competencies of their flexible workers and placement possibilities. It is precisely at this time that 'out-of-the box' matching is needed.

Let's get to work!”

Brigitte van der Burg

Chairperson, NBBU


"Thanks to Gini and the matching of 8vance, I have more time to spend on my candidates and clients. Gini & 8vance allow me to collaborate with other companies in a very unique way".

Bob van den Berg

Managing Director, Tjellens

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